Four Money Saving Travel Hacks

So I have some people coming to visit me in New Zealand soon and they’ve been asking about what things they need to do to prepare to come and this just got me thinking that maybe you have some of the same questions, so I decided to put together a checklist of things that you should do before any international travel.

Your Documentation

Let’s get into it! Number one make sure all of your documentation is in order. This means that you have a valid passport most countries require that your passport is good for at least three months after the day that you fly into the country. Just make sure the expiration date is far enough in the future and make sure you have a passport. Visas are needed and every country is different, it depends where you’re from, what the visa requirements are for that country and sometimes you have to get a visa in advance. Some countries you get a visa once you enter the country other countries you don’t need to be set at all. It can be a little bit confusing so the internet is your best friend these days, Google it and you’ll be fine.  


Number two: Get all of your money sorted out. For one, make sure you have the proper credit cards. Contact the credit card company and tell them that you’re going to be overseas so that they don’t mark your account as fraud and double check that your card will work in that country. For example, some countries in Europe only accept the kind of cards with a chip reader so if yours doesn’t have one call your credit card company and arrange to get one. Make sure you do this as far enough in advance to make sure you get them in time. Now before you get to the country look at the conversion rates for the currency so that when you get there and you go to your first ATM you’ll know already like what money you should be getting back.

Health Insurance

Number three: Get travel insurance for international travel. I like to have this it just for the peace of mind in case any health issues arise.

Data Packages

Number four: Prepare your cell phone. Most phones do not have international plans and if you use your phone abroad it’s going to cost a lot of money. Usually, I will just turn my phone on airplane mode the whole time and use Wifi when I have it, but look into it first and see what you have. There are other international data packages, however, those are kind of expensive so another option is if your phone is unlocked and when you’re abroad you can get a local SIM card which is usually pretty cheap and then just use that. If you’re going to be gone longer than a month I’d recommend calling your phone provider and asking if they can suspend your account while you’re away sometimes that’s free. Sometimes it’s $10 a month it just depends on what you have, but I’d recommend it so you’re not wasting money.

Food & Libation

Number five: Don’t buy food and drinks every day. If you are going to be traveling on a budget you need to be frugal with food and drinks more so than anything else. My rule of thumb is eggs for breakfast, eat out for lunch and in for dinner. If you buy a carton of eggs it will last you a week so breakfast is taken care of. If you go grocery shopping for the week you can have budget-friendly dinners as well. The only reason I suggest paying for lunch is because you are going to be out and about and it wouldn’t make sense to go back home and eat, plus you want to enjoy the culture and food is part of that. Lastly, do not buy alcohol. Go to and get the Ultimate Cruise Kit for less than $35 it will take care of all of your drinking needs. That’s my little secret so don’t tell anyone.

If you have any more traveling tips feel free to add them to the comment section and I’ll be sure to respond.